Is e-cigarette different from vaporizer? If yes then how?

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Is e-cigarette different from vaporizer? If yes then how?

There is a common misunderstanding about vaping products and nowhere is this misunderstanding more prevalent then when it comes to vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Most people think that these two products are the exact same, but this is far from truth, so let’s get to see what the differences are between the two and how one can differentiate between them.


This is the exact cigarette lookalike which most people associate with smoking and which is used by most people who want to find an alternate solution to standard smoking. Exactly, an e-cigarette looks like a normal cigarette although of course the inside cannot be any more different. E-cigarettes were founded by a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Link back in 2003 and since then they are popular to be used all over the world. The overall idea is easy: to get a device which can make someone quit smoking and still not lose all the habitual attributes normally associated with smoking.

Let’s get to see how an e-cigarette works:

the e-cig has 3 main parts:


Cartomizer – this is an all-in-one cartridge and atomizer

The mouthpiece – make out of durable silicone

The other idea behind the e-cigarette is in its looks: it’s basically designed to feel like a real cigarette. While the battery and cartomizer are stored in the white part of the cigarette the mouthpiece has the same looks as the cigarette filter.


Let’s get to see what a vaporizer can offer you and how they differ from the above mentioned e-cigarettes.

A vaporizer doesn’t look like a cigarette: and they have so many types that it’s very hard to put them in one category of looks. But it we really have to, we can say that smaller types of vaporizers rather resemble a pen than anything else. Vaporizers have dozens of different looks, types and styles ranging from the smaller to the larger prototypes, according to the needs and taste of the customer. It’s also important to note that having a vaporizer is definitely a step-up from e-cigs. According to several studies the use of vaporizers is dynamically growing, especially when compared to e-cigs. The reason for that is that vaporizers are more advanced in many ways which will enlist below:

The ingredients:

Battery at its end – rechargeable and comes with very durable battery life Reservoir tank – this is where the eliquid is stored, which is clear and transparent so users can exactly see how much they used and how much they have left. The tank is in direct connection with the atomizer which transforms the eliquid from liquid to steam-like vape upon inhaling.

Mouthpiece which the users use for inhaling the vape

And the eliquid

All in all, if you want to find a good alternative to smoking, starting with e-cigarettes is way easier as an experimentation. And once you decide to go pro, you can go ahead and properly invest in a vaporizer. The use of e-cigarettes is governed by the law today and make sure you use an uk e liquid, minors are prohibited from smoking them.