Key difference between Vaping Pen and Mod

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Key difference between Vaping Pen and Mod

We are often talking about vaporizers as one single sort of a product but the reality is, that there are tons of different sorts of vaporizers. The two main types are the APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) the other is the Vape Mods. In this article we would like to represent you how these two work and also on how they differ from each other. Let’s get started.

APV: The Advanced Personal Vaporizers

These devices are also very often referred to as vape pens. These are the ones most users know of and use. They come in different sizes ranging between the size of a smaller pen to larger sizes but they mostly are tubular shaped and can often be compared to holding a larger cigar. The APVs are mostly produced by Chinese companies. The interesting thing in the APVs is that they also use built-in electronics, so that users can actually regulate the exact level of vapor. The simpler types of APVs however also can come without electronics, with only a power switch regulating the use of them. APVs are popular because they are the cheapest sort of vapers and they can be easily bought in any certified vaping stores. Their prices are normally below USD 100. They also come with changeable atomizers and users can use tons of differently flavored eliquids in them.

Vape Pen Mods

They are simply referred to as vape mods are somewhat different from the upper mentioned APVs as they are way more powerful and generally come with a lot more to offer than a vape pen. Vape Mods, unlike pens are made by several American companies and companies at the Philippines and come for a price which is way higher than that of the vaping pen. The key differences between a mod and a pen is that mods have tons of features where users can set the exact quantities ranging from the amount of vapor to the amount of nicotine produced. Many of these also have settings, related to the temperature of the vapor. Most often than not Vape Mods are used by those experienced vapers who want more features to be present while using their vaporizer. Generally it had been a rule that while APVs are the smaller and lighter, mods are way larger and rather for home use, but thanks for today’s technological improvements today’s mods can be almost as small as a regular vaping pen. While the large mods are rather for those who don’t want to carry their vaper around but to use them at home smaller mods can be carried and stored the same as a vaping pen. Mods are also said to be able to deliver a much more intense taste. Vape mods are way more expensive than the APVs therefore they are rather bought by those who really plan on using them on the long haul. Check out the vaping stores for more information on APVs and Vape Mods to decide which one is for you.