All you need to know about Vaping Mods

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All you need to know about Vaping Mods

There is often talk about vaping and the use of vaporizers but most people, especially those who don’t know much about vaping, simply refer to vaporizers as a sole sort of a product. Also, most people, when referring to vaporizers, talk about the vaping pens. That’s why this time around I decided to introduce you to the world of vape mods.

What is a vape mod?

They are also called Mechanical Vape Mod or Vape Pen Mod and while today it has many subtypes which look just like a regular vaping pen, their sizes range from the size of a mid-sized tubular shaped cigar to a way larger machine-like outlook the look of which cannot really be compared to anything really. Their body/tank looks like a metallic whiskey bottle which means they can be used for a much longer haul, have tons of abilities which vape pens don’t.

Key differences:

Larger size

Way more features

Stronger battery with a much longer battery life

Comes with rebuild coil instead of replace coil

More expensive

Special features:

Vape Mods are also called as AVPs on steroids. Let’s see some of their specific settings:

Self-regulated power: you can set the strength of basically everything, from the amount of nicotine to be used to the amount of vape to be produced, the strength of throat hit and the overall strength of flavor as well. Way larger battery life: originally vape mods were built by the vape pen users themselves who wanted to give extra power to their original devices. This has led to AVP producers seeing a heightened demand for a better and more eloquent device that can do many more things than simply being used for vaping.

High profile designs: vape mods have tons more designs than the average vaping pens do especially as there are lots of vapers who pimp up their own vaping mods for them to look entirely unique and characteristic. Rebuildable atomizer (RBA) mods come with RBA so someone with extra wicks, coils and some technical knowledge can easily rebuild their own atomizer instead of having to buy a new one from time to time. This saves a nice amount of money on the long haul.

Should anyone start with a mod?

I don’t advise anyone to start up with a mod right away because they can be way too strong for the average user especially without any experience in their use whatsoever. Whoever is interested in trying vaping, they should go for a simpler vaping pen which is also way cheaper than a mod and experiment with it for a while, before deciding on investing in a Vape Mod.

Vape mods are widely sold in every certified vaping stores and they are also very popular to be bought online. Mods have their own dedicated fan base and they are a tight knit community within the vaping community. There are tons of forums on how to rebuild and improve mod devices this or that way for them to become even more powerful.